Simucube 2 ultimate metallic noice

Hi. iam a happy sc2 ultimate user. i have it for maby 2 weeks. today after 4 or so hours of driving diffrent sims like acc dirt tally 2 and ac i had a little shock.

in the middle of a race my ffb went to zero and while it happend there was multiple metallic noices in the wheelbase to hear. like if you hit 2 Metall sticks together. then after i looked into the software it showed me that the e stop button is pressed. i didnt pressed it of course. after pressing it and releasing it again the base was shortly beebing like always and ffb was like normal again.

for the info … my wheelbase never had a single problem since. it was not hot and i didnt had my ffb to maximum hights. maby 20 percent in dirt rally. so in normal conditions.

was this metallic noice hurting my device? what is the problem with the e stop button?

thank you for the help