Simucube 2 Ultimate Disconnecting During iRacing session

Hi all,

I’ve been really enjoying my Simucube 2 ultimate, however yesterday during a race…the wheel motor just disconnected and of course my car went straight into a wall. I’ve since tested it several times and it has happened several times. Not sure if this is caused by a disconnection of USB or Power Supply? Any suggestions on how to debug this?


If the car goes straight when the problem arise, then must be something related to USB connection lost.

Servo/motor faults are more related to loosing forces but the steering axis keeps working OK.

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I agree with Alfye20, sounds like a USB disconnect issue.

Such events can be caused by several things but, some of the more common ones are:

  • USB Device Power Saving feature: Try disabling this on relevant devices & USB hubs.
  • Buggy USB driver (other devices): Ex: My Wacom drawing tablet must be unplugged when gaming as it will constantly steal priority and cause momentary disconnects. USBdeview can help monitor all usb activity and reveal problem devices. Older devices with outdated drivers (or obsoleted) may interfere.
  • Other Programs taking over priority: Monitor other program activity during gaming sessions.
  • Controller Priority assignment: In Windows “Game Controllers” / Advanced settings, be sure your SC2 is shown as the “Preferred Device” (Wheel-base must be turned on and connected).

When it occurs the car typically goes way offline, ie driving down a straight…it disconnects and the car makes a hard left into the wall. I have been checking the USB settings and many of them had the power saving options set. Will be testing some more. Thanks!

these are all great suggestions! have made a few of these changes. Fingers crossed.

Thank you very much!!