Simucube 2 Ultimate default settings

Can you guys give me default values for this section:

I try to use reset option but it’s not getting back

Torque clipping notification ON, hands off detection at HIGH, bumbstop angle 10 degrees (if I remember correctly).

Thx Mika, any clue about Bumpstop maximum strg, bumbstop damping effect?

Those are pretty much irrelevant as they do not affect the driving feel. Set them to your liking?

I was playing with rfactor 2 and change them, and now in racing in dirt modes feels wierd…i shoudl have done backups :slight_smile:

iRacing generates its own bumpstops via torque effects.

@Mika is there any way to force settings to be reset or delete profiles so it will be crate from beginning? Thx for all help in advance.

Anyone know ho to delete and get back to default settings?

Is there a particular reason why you would need to do anything else than delete your existing profiles? We do have a special firmware version that does exactly that + resets the wheel centerpoint. But you can do equal thing directly from the True Drive by deleting all profiles.

Mika I want to get default settings from hardware settings tab, i have made to many changes and now i feel i cannot find proper ones, as I caanot find them anyware thats the reson I want to delete it and make it clear

where can I find this software or maybe someone who didn’t change settings can share it with me?

Bumpstop damper 0
Bumpstop range 10 degrees
Bumpstop max force 30%

Resonance reduction on
Torque clipping notification on
Hands-off detection sensitivity high

None of these affect the driving feel.

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