Simucube 2 Turning a normal wired rim Wireless


So Ive got a SC2 Pro and about to order a Sim Racing Coach GT-1. I am really wanting a wireless wheel but Im not that keen on spending $1000AUD on a B16M Ascher Racing rim. I know they are awesome products and great quality but its a bit out of my price range. So that brings me, is there any way to turn a normal wired wheel into a Wireless one like Ascher’s? Has anyone done anything like this yet?

So thats it, thankyou. Looking forward to see peoples responses.


Hey mate. I’m also in Aus!

I think that by the time you get the GT1 landed in Aus and then stuff around retro fitting the to make it wireless you might be better off just purchasing the Martin Ascher wheel. I am considering the wireless F1 or a wired button plate.

Wireless is great but concerned about signal loss.


@Smilez: Of course it can be done, I think Attila over at Racewerk is selling the Simucube BT modules. Be aware though, the Resellers will need to support after-sales service, as GD explicitly states they will not, as they have not developed these for diy, only for wheel-builders…but they also will not stop Resellers selling the bare modules…

Imho, this won’t be an issue, the units can be easily used with the default configuration, alternatively, you can request the Reseller to program these for upgrade according to your specific requirements /button-assignment…

For any support though, the Reseller will need to support you though :wink:

PS: I am busy designing a new (for own use only) setup, based on an OMP Alu310 GT rim, based on the Simucube wireless solution.



Building your own wireless can be done easy if you have some soldering skills. for my actual project based on this link
i am using without problems the wireless BT module from racewerk in the default configuration, as told by beano in the post above.



The SRC rims have a full-size circuit board in them, which makes the DIY wiring job for our wireless module just a bit harder.


Are you guys possibly going to make a change to batch 2… like the July shipments, I am asking as Barry Rowland mentioned maybe a stub sticking off the base similar to Martin Ascher did on his wheel to get a better wireless connection. It makes sense or to have a screw on antenna even.


Thanks everyone for your help! Really appreciate it!