Simucube 2 True Drive Simple UI: steering range options


There will be a new Simple UI mode.

It will offer only limited options for steering angle. Which options are required?

NOTE: 1400 listed in the poll is actually the 1440 of rF2

  • 270
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
  • 1080
  • 1400
  • other, please specify

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we need many other steering angles because of the rfactor 2 temporary incompatibility


A simple menu with the survey values is fine but you should have a last “other” choice and be able to specify the value in a field.

This will always give the possibility to set an intermediate value for users who want to do it otherwise for those who want to stay in the standards just select from the menu.


Yes,the advanced mode will be as the current profile view is, and it will allow users to set any steering angle, that means that for example 1107 degrees will still be possible to set. The simple mode is for those casual users who just want to set up a parameter or two and go driving without any fine tuning.


rfactor will include the simucube 2 devices in their code at some point.


We are thinking something like this:



for the basic view I would have put a list instead of a slider


the slider has only x (low) amount notches


it’s look like good :slight_smile:


yes but in the meantime rfactor2 could become unusable


users can always convert that profile to advanced and use the software as before -> no problem.


1440 for rfactor 2 would be nice because its there default


ok, good to know, we can consider that the 1400 listed in the poll is actually the 1440 of rF2, thats what I meant but didn’t verify the actual value…


450° is also needed for some formula cars in raceroom




Is it really necessary to limit the steering angle adjustment to a specific angles in this Simple UI mode?


Make a little “i” information bubble next to the “Smoothness/damping/steering weight”

That way if someone puts their mouse over smoothing, It gives a real example on what they can expect to the feel when driving.

FFB signal smoothing means very little to people not on this forum.

The steering weight “how heavy the wheel is to turn” is exactly the type of general speak you should aim for at this screen.


It is needed so that uninformed users would not set arbitary steering angles so easily.