Simucube 2 Sport Startup oscillations


I have a problem regarding the startup of Simucube 2 Sport.

My hardware/software configuration:
Simucube 2 Hardware Revision: 2.0
Simucube 2 Software Release: 2022.11
Firmware version: 1.3.51
True Drive version: 1.3.50
Servo drive firmware: 10833

Problems arise when:
On the third day of usage (I left the power supply connected, pressed the torque off button and then switched off the base from the on/off button on the back every night), after the base gets detected and I release the torque off button, I see oscillations that do not stop. You can see it on the video following:

I tried to turn it off and on again. I also tried to turn it off, unplug the power cable from the outlet and then from the base, let the blue light on the power supply turn off and then reconnect (to base first and then to the outlet), but it did not solve the issue.

Edit: I also tried Reset FFB Device State and CTRL+E function which reset the encoder but after reconnecting the oscillations started again.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


I just noticed that the base is stuck on “Waiting for the drive to get ready”. On the video, I released the torque off button while the base was on the waiting mode, maybe this is why I am having the oscillations?
It goes to operational when torque button is released but it has the oscillations.

We have seen this happen with Sport sometimes. Is it also happening when you have a wheel on the quick release?

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First of all, thank you for the answer at almost 23:00… You are awesome.
I hadn’t tried your suggestion in fear of oscillations happening on startup (having seen things from dd bases while researching), so I had thought I would test the torque off button and then attach the wheel.
Having the wheel on beforehand solved the issue, FFB working as well.

Should I file a support ticket or just operate the base like this?

Thanks again.

I think the device is working normally. A picture on how the wheel base is installed, would help us. The rigidity of the installation is affecting the torque stability somehow in Safe Torque Mode, and especially the Sport unit. We will do further torque tuning when we actually see a unit that does this at our office.

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The base is solidely mounted (5 screws to the wheeldeck) => does not move during startup.
Unfortunately, the wheelstand does get flex especially during vibrations in Dirt Rally 2 which I have mostly tested for the past 3 days, which means that those vibrations come back to the base.

Dirt rally is a title with a FFB not really good with a Simucube 2. It’s very poor on details, kind of knocking on concrete.
It needs a very good rig to not suffer from flexibility and vibrations. I’m not sure how you mounted the monitor, but everything that is somehow connected to the Simucube 2 will be affected by its force. Your wheel stand is not made for a DD. Sorry to tell you that, I am really sorry.

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Oh no worries for the wheelstand, I am planning on getting an 80/20 rig by the end of March.
I have to get a big sofa out of this room (on the right side of the photo, not shown) but it will take some time to make it happen…
The monitor is mounted on the desk behind the wheelstand, not affected by any movement.
After 3 days of testing in DR2, I think that I managed to get a very good feeling on gravel and snow, asphalt is not that good though…
If you want to rally on asphalt, RBR would probably be a better choice for DD I think.


RBR rally has imo a better FFB than dirt, but it’s basically a very old game. Enthusiastic people do an amazing job, no doubt. Graphic design, UI and menus are quite “antique”.
WRC 9 has a great FFB, the problems are Fe FPS drops (I read they are related with USB frequencies because WRC titles are optimised for controllers), you can’t use 2 shifting devices at the same time like in dirt 2, and minor graphic bugs like strange dust design.
Very nice to hear you get a good rig soon :+1:. This will improve a lot!
PS: I’m sorry, but I can’t help you move the sofa. I’m not around then (whatever date it will be, I’m not gonna be around :eyes:)

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Oscillations w/o attached wheel seem to be normal for Simucube, happened to me also some weeks ago when I forgot to push the emergencystop before changing the wheel - as soon as the wheel was of my SC2 Pro started to behave like yours.

If I remember correctly there is a post where this was explained.

Addon …
Even I started a post related to this issue in may last year!

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