Simucube 2 sport random disconnect?

I was in an endurance race 5 corners away from the finish line and suddenly my base had no force feedback and I was turning left and crashed. I did not hear any windows ping pong noice that a usb device was disconnected.
In panic I opened the simucube software and my base was „disconnected“ and I updated the software and then the firmware. As I wanted to update the firmware, the base was „connected“ again, as it stands in the software and I could update my base.
Did someone experience this issue, that the base was turning left w/out ffb? Am I in trouble?

I can only tell you that I have had the Simucube base for four years and I only had two errors. The two errors (faults), always appeared as a Fault (number).
If not the case, disconnection problems may be unrelated to the base.