Simucube 2 Sport Hotness


how hot can the Simucube 2 be after a long session of use without damaging it? Today after 4 hours of usage on Iracing the Simucube 2 Sport was very hot when touching, but not to the point where I couldn’t touch it for long. Are there precautions regarding the hotness of the Simucube 2, so I don’t potentially damage it in the future?

If you can touch it for a few seconds, it is quite fine. The servo electronics will derate the torque to control the thermals, if memory serves, this is when it goes above 70deg C, Mika can verify. This process happens automatically and will most likely not be even felt by you.

But this will most likely only happen if you drive the smaller servo at peak torque for a long period.


Alright, thank you for the information!

All good Mate, you’re welcome :wink: