Simucube 2 Sport does not shutdown with windows 11

Hello, when on Linux when I shutdown the system the Simucube2 also fully shuts down, no resistance on the well.
But with windows 11, if I shutdown (not sleep/hibernate) after windows fully shuts down I still feel resistance in the wheel, like it is on.
I can overcome this is I use a USB-C to USB hub, but using this HUB causes other problems like loss of ffb.
Do I need to do some windows setting ?

My guess is that shutting down Windows puts the motherboard in some different power state that still supplies USB power, while Linux would do a full shutdown.

Try this, untick the Turn on fast start-up setting in Control Panel.

thank for the tips, it was quite weird to have different behavior in 2 different OS’s, after some online research there is indeed a mobo option that apparently only affects windows: I had to enable an option called ErP and now the simucube fully shuts down.


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Just curious, you never use Power switch?
I believe sitting it idling when not in use is not desirable, Mika was explaining something about that, short term idling at least you need to engage e-stop, long term power down completely.

I use power switch when traveling for longer periods(but then I even unplug the power brick), like when I also turn of other home appliances.
On regular bases I don’t shut it off on the back power button nor e-stop.

I don’t think it is causing any harm this way, the base seems to be fully off, no resistance or the wifi light on the rear, only think that is on the blue light power brick.

I only use the machine to race, its only on when I’m effectively racing, if I would also use it for other stuff then probably would turn it off on the back when not racing.

I can’t remember having any particular opinion about this. However it is true that MOSFETs do wear out at some very very low rate while in use, but also when FFB signal is at 0 they are not really used (but still powered). So benefit of engaging e-stop for wear-out protection is rather theoretical.

Powering down completely is the thing one should always do - even though the power consumption is small, it is the right thing to do for the planet.

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MOSFETs, yes, thank you, I remember now. :grinning: