Simucube 2 rFactor 2 pls!

Hello everyone . So basically ive been using my simucube 2 pro for a lil over a month on iRacing no problem.

Today i bought rFactor 2 and follow Skimel youtube video on json file settings .

The problem is when i click Race and the car shows up in pit the wheel starts rotating like out of co trol til i hit ESC on keyboard . I try to assign the steering left / right again and it does the same thing .

What i notice is that if i put FFB to off on Rfactor instead of to wheel the car drives “normal” out of pit but with no ffb ofcourse. If i change it to wheel the it starts jerking and rotating out of control without me touching it .

Thank you in advance guys

I really want to try Rfactor but i cant figure why this is happening .

Hi Johan. Can you upload a copy of your controller jason .then maybe we can help you . Regards Denis are you using these these zip files . if not put the pro version in your controller jason. then start the game select the file for simucube PRO and reassign all the settings IE wheel rotation buttons etc… Also if you edit any jason files for RF2 the game must be closed if open any changes will not take effect… In TD set rotation to 900. make sure you turn the wheel to the bump stops left and right for the wheel to calibrate


Hi Johan. the files i suggested you download have “Steering Wheel Maximum Rotation Default”:900… In the RF2 397 Forum they say you should use 1440 rotation . with the launcher closed edit the file for 1440 . then in TD set rotation to 1440. RF2 can be a PTA to set up .in time you will learn your way around it …the result is great FFB…If you need help with TD or In Game settings send me PM


Thank you . I will give this a try later today after work .

Did this work for you as I’m just starting Rfactor 2 with my pro I’ve owned about 1 1/2 months. When I toucb the wheel it spins out of control its like it has no middle feedback. But left or right is very wild and vicious

I’ve had my Pro for just over three months, Chris, and I rarely drive anything other than rf2. I’ve never had wild behaviour such as yours (although it took quite a bit of tweaking to tone down certain aspects of the FFB to my liking) - it’s definitely a good idea to start with either the base SC2 Pro controller template that you should find is now distributed through rf2 itself (scroll through the controller list…) or to adopt one from an end-user in the main SC2 & rF2 thread on this forum.

One piece of advice - regardless of any other settings - it’s worth mapping a button to the rf2 ‘Reset FFB’ function as rF2 still has a bug (years down the line) whereby the FFB is turned off if you quit from a practice session (e.g. after a crash) and then immediately click ‘Race’ to get back into the car. It also solves an as-yet unexplained issue I’ve had whereby a big hit from a kerb can leave the wheel pulling to one side (although I’ve not had any instances of this for a few weeks now - either due to my latest JSON tweaks or due to the issue being quietly fixed).

it seems like your ffb is inverted. recheck that you have loaded the correct json.

Well I ended up selecting the OSW simucube and that seems to work ok. Still could use some more fine tuning buts its atleast playable now and enjoyable.

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