Simucube 2 rFactor 1

Hi Guys, just wondering if any of you have got a simucube 2 working with rfactor 1?



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I came here to ask the same question. I would really like to drive around in Lienz again.

Maybe I’ll have to experiment with everything this weekend.

Last time we tested a Simucube product with rFactor 1, it worked fine. Can you indicate which feature does not work?

following, I’d like to know if someone came up with some decent settings for rf1…thanks

hey guys, so does anybody have some settings to share for rfactor1 with sc2?

@Mika hi, quick question : when you test rF1 with Sc2, do you use the realfeel plugin? I tried with the vanilla version on Steam but can’t find anywhere a decent setting, I remember enjoying rF1 with OSW back in the days but now I’m struggling with Sc2. thanks a lot

I think I had realfeel plugin. But it was also a very old installation from way back in 2008 or 2009. I didn’t find any issues in getting the device detected, but didn’t really try to achieve optimal FFB feel at that point in time.

At least the rFactor 2 Demo from Steam uses all kinds of strange vibration sine effects etc, it was not really meant for realistic DD wheels, and the realfeel was already a huge step up back then

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Any advice on plugin information and simucube 2 pro settings for this game that would work well?

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Just following up, does anyone out there have a great realfeel plugin and working simucube profile? There are none on the paddock and there is barely any information out there. Any help would be appreciated!
The only realfeel plugin I can find is on racedepartment and it has mixed reviews.