Simucube 2 Reviews?

My T500RS broke a few days ago, so I am looking for a direct drive wheel now. This one really does look promising but I just wanted to ask how long it will take for reviews to show up on youtube. Would I need to wait another month or does anyone have info on upcoming reviews? Thanks :slight_smile:

There should be at least a review by Sim Racing Garage coming up…


Iv had my pro now for a couple of days , all I can say is I have had no issues atall, AC and RF2 is amazing with the pro , coming from fanatec is like riding a Honda moped for 2 years then jumping on a Honda fireblade. ITS AWESOME thanxs for such a great product Mika.
Keep up the good work I’m one happy customer.

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Just a quick follow up question:

The SW20 costs 100€ less for me shipped to germany.
Are there any obvious pros over SW20 that I dont see?
Is it the software or different aspect than nm of the motor thats better?

Simplicity’s SW20 product in its current form does not have any of our hardware in it.

I think you will find that the SW20 being sold now is very different from the SW20 in the YouTube reviews. It has different internals and its own software from Sim-plicity.

It doesn’t have the rather excellent SimuCUBE/‘True Drive’ software and by all accounts the new motors in the Simucube2 are a marked upgrade from the Small Mige motor in the SW20.

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Okay, thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage just put up a review of the SC2 Pro today on YouTube.


AC settings work great …

As Barry said in the video, he will do a tuning session vid later, that should further help guys getting a better understanding of the filters and the impact they have on car behaviour. Otherwise, good review by Barry, should resolve some of the questions people had about certain aspects of the SC2.



Is Barry getting an ultimate anytime soon?