Simucube 2 Recognizes Wheel but Won't Connect

Does anyone have a solution to this issue? A new wireless wheel I have shows up in the device list in True Drive, but when I double click on it or use the “connect” button nothing happens. The wheel’s discovery light blinks when I hold both paddles, but still nothing. It shows a 100 in the signal and has a mac address. The connection issue seemed to start after I clicked the “disconnect and forget all devices” button (I was troubleshooting something else). Is there some cache file somewhere that may be keeping this wheel from connecting?


Turn off the wheel and wheel base,

Then turn wheel base on,

then turn wheel on

and then make one connection (or connection attempt).

After that, go to last tab in True Drive and click “Download debug event log” and paste the content of the log here.

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Ok. Turning the base off and back on seems to have fixed the issue. Can’t believe that wasn’t one of the first things I tried. Thanks for your quick response and help.

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We also had something similar happen just once on one of our development rigs, but we didn’t need to solve the issue. No other reports of it happening yet,so we are monitoring.

I have the same issue. Sometimes multiple wheels pop up, but connection with either of them can’t be made.