Simucube 2 recognized in Rfactor 2 but unable to calibrate

Hi all,

Hope you can help me out on this one. I have recently bought Rfactor 2 through Steam but I am unable to calibrate the steering wheel. It works fine on ACC also through Steam. I have tried different USB ports, switching it on after starting the game, turning off ffb settings in Steam but nothing seems to work.
All works fine in Iracing too (without Steam though).
My Heusinkveld Sprint pedals and Ascher racing wheel work fine so I am a bit lost here.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.



I bought it recently too. I did not need to calibrate it ! Are you using the new UI ? Did the game recognize the steering weel ?

It recognizes the Ascher wheel and padle shifters work. Also the clutch on the steering wheel works. Heusinkveld pedals also work.
It also recognizes the wheelbase. It just doesn’t work.
You meen the new UI of RF2 or from Simucube?

Ok so I finally figured it out: RF2 asignes the steering axis to the Ascher F64 clutch axis . So with all devices plugged in it prefers the clutch over the wheelbase somehow. So when asigning steering I needed to have the Ascher F64 wheel disconnected. Then I was able to save to profile and exit the game. For assigning upshifts and downshifts and clutch I connected the steering wheel and restarted the game again. Then I was able to assign the shift paddles and clutch paddle on the steering wheel.

Happy days.



Just adding a note here for any other folks that find this thread,

I initially had issues calibrating simucube in rf2, however I was reminded after some trial and error that rf2 calibration wizard required the steer wheel to be turned to the end of travel. It was at least a couple years since I calibrated a different wheel in rf2, I believe it was the same?
Anyway, very happy with the interface and performance in rf2.