Simucube 2 QR - Front mounting 50.8mm Wheel

Hey guys, I have a question for you, maybe you can help me out. I have a Momo Mod 11, so an old-school 280mm Formula Rim with a 50.8mm pattern on the wheelside.

I want to mount this to the standard SC2 QR with the spacer as shown in this part of the manual:

However, I am not sure on how to hold the lock nuts in place within the spacer. There is no room for a wrench of course, but I also cannot fit a socket for M5 nuts (so 8mm) in there. What is the trick to mount the QR in this way? Are my sockets just too think, or what is the actual issue?

I think the M5 nuts are not needed.


Yes, typically the 50.8mm mounting from behind is used in Formula style steering wheels with a display - where through-hole bolts are not possible. I think thing there were at least two such wheels that we had a look at when the quick release kit was designed, but I can’t remember which wheels they were.

Yeah but I was looking specifically at mounting 50.8 through the front, not from the back. But the response from maviaggi is enough on how to do it. It must have been updated in the manual then at some point. :slight_smile: My screenshot must be from an older manual. And I do wonder on how it could have worked like that, because no socket would have fit the hole for the nut to be tightened in.

Thank you, it seems there is an updated manual around, and like this of course it works, just need long enough screws for this. Still I wonder how the way my screenshot shows it was ever tested out.


As somebody who does write technical manuals from time to time I can tell you what happens is the following:-

As the writer you’ll probably end up getting all the info from one of the engineers and end up writing the manual without ever seeing the product.

Alternatively you’ll end up with a prototype example of the product and write the manual around that, without knowing that the product going to market has changed.

Both instances mean that the initial manual will probably be inaccurate until an early adopter customer mentions that the manual is shit.

Then revisions will follow.