Simucube 2 problèm torque key

hello everybody, I have a big problem with the steering wheel it’s been two days that I am on it I can not solve it, when the torque key is deactivated I have a good FFB in a straight line, I can feel the vibrators etc … but in bends I have zero FFB, I read on several forums that this was normal with the torque key disabled, the problem is that when the torque key is activated, it is activated, it is marked activated in the software and the led behind the steering wheel flashes red and blue, once it is activated I have no FFB at all, the steering wheel is completely pouty, do you have any idea to solve my problem?

There is in the recent version a problem which requires the device and the software including high torque activation to be started prior to starting the game

Should be fixed with the version released yesterday.

So either start the base and Software before the game or update to the very latest release

Which game is this happening in?

this did it on all the games, but I just solved my problem by switching to the 2021.11 + hotfix version, thank you for your help