Simucube 2 pro very hot

The other night I did a race (Supercars) iRacing I noticed that my sc2 Pro was very hot, I could feel the heat radiating on my legs. It was very hot to touch. Has anyone else had any issues with it getting this hot? I don’t think I lost FFB. my windows were open and I had a fan on in my room. I notice since than after doing a 30-40 minute sessions the base will be warm when it was always just room temperature.

It will depend on your ffb settings in iRacing, at higher ffb, the servo will be running warm, or even hot. These servos can run at high temps for an extended time, plus, the electronics will automatically derate amps to the servo, thus reducing torque, if certain internal temp thresholds are exceeded.

If you can touch the servo for a sec or 2, it is fine. If you can cook an egg on it, it is not. So going by your feedback, it is good :wink:

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Hi Sean,

can you show the FFB settings you are using, both in True Drive and in iRacing. Also, was this a first longer race session, and on which track was it?

Motor will feel hot to touch at around 55 degrees Celcius, but internal safety limit is at 70 degrees.

Sean this doesn’t have anything to do with your issue but I believe linear mode should be checked for Direct Drive wheels in your iRacing settings.

Yes indeed, it would boost all forces from their correct level (meant for non-DD wheels) and that would cause more torque being generated (and you FFB settings are pretty high anyway). So, I would say the heat generation is normal.