Simucube 2 pro + Usb Hub or extension?

Hi everyone,

Can the simucube 2 pro be used with a usb extension/powered usb hub?

Trying to fit a PC in a room with a sofa, where the simucube will be used basically in the very center of the room, in front of the sofa.

If needed I can lug the PC out to the middle of the room, but it’d be super amazing if I could just run a few long USB cables to a USB hub under the sofa, and then run that back to the PC tucked away in the corner.

If a usb hub works, I’d need maybe 6-10 (2-3 meters) from the simucube to the hub, and then the hub would need to be about 2-3 meters from the PC.

Powered USB hub should work just fine, this is config I am running.
Good article on subj.

Thanks Andrew, that looks promising!

A hub will work but it is not generally reccomended as Direct Drive Wheels are high bandwidth devices… this means that in some cases you could get disconnects and things like that when running the wheel off of a hub (regardless of being powered)

Never had a single disconnect issue in 3 years of SC2 ownership, nor had any issues before with OSW.
Mostly problems start when you saturate USB bandwidth with too many devices, especially high speed, it doesn’t matter much if they are plugged directly into PC ports or external hub.

@JackSC , I am using this one, but shop around may be there are newer and better models.

That is true, but the description he gives basically sounds like he will be remote connecting via the hub MOST of his imputes devices which means all of those remote devices will be running from a Single USB Port. This is where the issues can come from… owning a mouse or a keyboard or probably the wheel only might not be so much of an issue but I have seen issues when people have run the wheel, pedals, wheel, Keyboard, and mouse, or button boxes all off of a single hub… running two high bandwidth devices such as the Wheel and a VR Headset is basically impossible.

Thanks Andrew, this looks promising!

No worries here - and good advice.

No VR to worry about - For now it’s just the SC2 Pro and some Fanatec USB pedals - I’ve got a wireless keyboard and mouse. If my experiment goes well, I’d like to add a hand brake.

Really the worst that will happen is you will get some disconnects… so keeping that in the back of your head about where they can be coming from, if that should occur is always a good point to start from if there are issues at all… If you get a good Hub (which it is really hard to tell which are better than others) it will do better at routing and balancing things (i.e the $5.00 ones probably don’t use the best chipsets…) As for the powered that will help the distance definitely but I do not believe that if you have issues it will be on a power level front.

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Yes, please keep VR away, it can saturate anything.
I have on the same hub:

  • SC2 Pro
  • HE Pro pedals
  • HE Handbrake
  • Fanatec SQ shifter
  • Ascher buttonplate
  • TrackIR (camera and clip pro)

So it’s a bit busy there, but no issues.
But good advise to move to direct connection if you start seeing intermittent disconnects, as well as reputable brand hub. PC MB USB controller also plays a significant role.

Thanks Andrew, you were the most helpful in all my search across 3 vendors forums.

What I learned is those 7-10 port high powered hubs with switches are highly regarded, and have great reviews on amazon - I will get one of those!

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