Simucube 2 pro - Turn off audible torque clipping audio

Hello! I finally got my hands on a Simucube 2 pro, and i’ve never been happier! I’ve used it for about 48 hours, everything has been smooth and it feels soo good, up until about an hour ago.

I tried to launch iRacing, as I’ve done many times already, but it crashed when trying to load. I tried a few times, same issue. Switched between different profiles etc. FFB in the wheel was still working, it just refused to boot. I tried ACC, and the same issue. It “encountered a fatal error” and crashed to desktop. I unplugged and turned off everything, and rebooted my PC. Everything worked as normal again, until i started hearing a sound from the speaker inside the wheel. Now that sound plays everytime i bump into the steering lock for example, and pretty much constantly when i play iRacing, when the force feedback kicks in. When the sound plays, the powersupply cable lights up green, if that matters.

I have reinstalled drivers, toggled audible sounds off and on again multiple times. Still getting the sound when FFB kicks in. I think its the “additional torque clipping notification” setting that is locked to permanently on, even if its off in the software.

Anyone encountered this issue before and know how to fix? Its just really annoying having this sound play all the time.

Which software release are you running with?

This all happened on 2024.1. I also tried the 2023.10.1, but had the same issue. so I went back to the 2024.1 version again.,

It sounds like you actually are clipping. I will have a look if there is a bug in torque clipping notification setting for next release.

Ok, thank you! The sound is like a space ship shooting from like a retro arcade game or something, 100% coming from the speaker in the hub.

When Im in iRacing now, the sound is next to constant. Almost sounds like a gremlin inside the wheelbase playing some arcade cabinet space shooter game. And i double checked the iRacing force feedback display, and its 100% not clipping there.

Can you make a support ticket about this so we can check this further? thanks.

I’m really sorry, I’m new here. Where do i go to make a support ticket?

Nvm, i managed to do it.

“Your request (7418) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.”

Could be the inherent internal souds the servo made thanks to its fine tune on the coils

Yes, thats what it turned out to be in this case. But I also added some firmware things to make sure there is no double activation of clipping sounds.

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