SIMUCUBE 2 Pro system

  1. I need to know more about the completely user definable FFB option as we have a Simulink model for the steering system which output the needed torque for the motor. How can we interface this with your system?

  2. What is the communication method between the game and the steering system after connecting with PC?

  3. Does your software interface with any game? How about if we’re building our own game using UE4 with MathWorks plugin?

The wheel is simply a DirectInput controller you can interface with. Torque is send as 0% to 100%.

Ok, if I have a running model which runs the game and have an output readings for the torque needed now, How will I link between the game on the Simulink Model and the controller of the steering wheel?

Using DirectInput.

Could anyone share an example code to read and give inputs to OSW through a Simulink model?