Simucube 2 Pro, suddenly it stops working and the steering wheel goes to the left stop with force

Suddenly, when I’m playing it stops working and the steering wheel turns strongly to the left side, I had the true drive version 1.0.13 installed, I have updated it to the latest version and it remains the same, it has happened to me with several games, RACE ROOM , ACC … can someone please tell me if something like this has happened to you?

It is difficult to understand how after making a query in this forum about a problem, which from what I see does not happen only to me, no one from GD has taken the trouble to at least be interested in this problem with the SC2 when I see that they have answered to subsequent consultations, difficult to understand .

I’m trying to have some time off on my summer holiday and internet access is difficult also. And my bookmark in the browser goes to the Simucube 2 category page so I won’t see the posts without category.

Our official supply is via the support ticket system.