Simucube 2 pro strange interruptions while playing

Hello everyone, I’ve been having a problem with my sc2pro for some time. It happens sporadically when playing, it’s like the base disconnecting and reconnecting for a split second. In fact, sometimes I see on the screen that the steering wheel moves to the center and then returns to the correct position when setting the turn. When this problem occurs, there is no USB pairing sound. Who can advise me?

I own the first revision with two power supplies

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You could try a few basic steps to start with.

  1. Try out a different USB cable

  2. Plug USB cable into a different port on the PC

  3. If you have motion running on your rig, turn that off to rule out possible EMI issues


If the help of @EsxPaul won’t sort out the problems you could try to use ULLM. The fact that you use recon 3 and limit the bandwidth; together with almost every filter, setting and fine tuning that is available; you could suffer from output latency.

but ULLM and recon filters etc. do not have any effect on the wheel position that is seen by game. So please disregard @CLAYREGAZZONI’s comment.


But they causing a delay, don’t they? If I’m totally wrong I am sorry. Didn’t was my intention to misguide you!

I was referring to this. But I understand that this can’t be latency then

In general, filters do not cause lag.

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I tried to follow your advice:

  1. try different usb
  2. try different cable
  3. I don’t have running rig.

The problem remains.

What if the problem somehow concerns the 2 power supplies? Is there a way, to test that the electronics are working well?

If one of the power supplies trips, the device will reboot and you would hear the USB connected tones from Windows.

There were a small number of isolated issues where a difference in voltages between the two power supplies varied enough to cause a undervoltage fault to appear but I’m not so sure that is the same issue you are experiencing.

Mika would be the best person to further advise on this though.

OK understood. At the moment it does none of this. When the problem occurs, there is no sound. Can I share a link where you see an example of the problem?