Simucube 2 Pro stopped working

Hi colleagues,

I have a problem with my Simucube2 Pro. My Simucube was on and I played in iRacing, all was fine, I decided to restart my PC (with turned on base), start iRacing… It say that steering wheel missed. I looked at the back of base - no power ligth. Simucube just turned off.

And now no reaction to on/off button, light on back is off… but blue lights on power supplies is on. I tried turn them off from electricity network to 30 min and turn on back… but nothing changes. Tried turn it on with one (any) power supplier, without emergensy button and so on… It just not turning on.

It less than 1 year old, but I’m in Russia… Bought it in Spain (Augury Simulations). What I should do now? It can be fixed on place? Can I send it directly to Simucube?.. (Now we have reseller on Russia, it can help me with delivery may be…)

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Could be as simple as loose USB connection.
Try things from this post.

No… It’s not turn on. Even without USB cable. Light on back (power indicator) don’t turning on, no sound, no react to on/off button.

It is not supposed to turn on without USB plugged in.


  1. I’m shocked…
  2. I’m idiot…

I didn’t have idea that it will not turning on without USB-cable … And I accidentally unplugged USB-cable from PC… I checked all but only not this.

Thanks very much.

P.S. And I already ordered other SC2 Pro… ))) For time which my will be travel to Finland and back.


Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Now you have a proper backup!

Or build a second rig for the wife or girlfriend. :slight_smile:

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What will you do when the one you have stop working and the one ordered get lost? Shouldn’t you backup the backup and consider to make it fool proof by placing another one that is ready to ship through super express delivery? One never knows :joy::four_leaf_clover:

It’s not so stupid as it seems. =)

  1. SC 2 Pro very easy to sell here, only -10% price and it will gone immediately
  2. I don’t know, how long may take repair, but I have such experience with one USA company… It took 2 months.

2 month without racing for only 10% of price… well…


Honestly, didn’t saw a dude in my life breaking it down the way you do (maybe wrong expression: analysing it the way you do). I didn’t want to offend you, just kidding a little bit. Finally seems you are fully into racing, awesome story🍀