Simucube 2 pro Started with error code 442001 and now stuck on 200901

I’ve had this setup for a couple months and last week I started getting a 442001 code. Started doing research to get it corrected and now it’s stuck on the 200901. It all started when I tried to counter steer in a formula 1 car in assetto corsa. What should I do?

Which Simucube 2 model and which firmware version is this? Which device serial number? You can copy paste the device ID information from the last tab in True Drive.

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This one is the pro with the single power supply.

It wont let me copy the device id because of the fault.

Any thoughts on what I should do? I did a couple power cycles and now the 20090 one code stopped showing up. Now I can’t get the 44200 code to stop. I tested the unit with overall strength to 100% not in game and just moving the wheel around and it doesn’t feel like 100% like when I had it. If I did a fast shake of the wheel then it would trigger the 44200. I’m gonna try to downgrade the firmware and see what happens. I was originally on the . 10 version of true drive for a long time. Then I started to get the errors then upgraded to. 7. I got 3 hours of drive time after the upgrade. The next day the fault came back