Simucube 2 pro started oscillating/vibrating when I hit the wheel while entering my sim rig

not sure what happened, but whatever I do now as soon as it is turned on it only vibrates/oscilates.
Anytipps ehat I can do to get it fixed???



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Figured out that this only happens for Dirt Rally and DR2 profiles ā€¦ and for really any I try, even those from True Drive Paddock that I only want to try.

Iā€˜m not sure if this might happen also for other sim settings, but only in game while driving - not sure how big the risk is ā€¦

What I tried so far:

Restarting the PC
Unplugging simucube from power for a few minutes
Uninstalling/Installing Simucube Software
Changing USB Port

Ok, vibrates in any game with any setting :frowning:

Ok ā€¦ my fault ā€¦ I immediately hit the emergency stop and than did all investigations without mounting a wheel, looks like this is bad idea.
After seeing an older post were Phillip explained that SC is very sensitive to start to oscillate I attached one of the wheels and the issue was immediately gone.