SImucube 2 pro showing 0 amps on the motor?


I have just bought a simucube 2 pro of Tomo and finding that the motor shows 0 amps on the motor, regardless if I move the slider or not. The strength of the ffb doesn’t change when moving it, but I do get some ffb, just not 25nm or even close.

I have attached what it shows, grateful for any help.



What happens if you power-off and power on? This should correct itself at least via a power cycle.

Thanks for the speedy reply, it still shows 0 amps. However I was getting the full power just testing then.

Interesting. I will take a note to try to repeat this issue. It might be, that starting True Drive after the device has started, will fix the issue as well.

This fixed it @Mika. I power the base on before launching the software and it shows it all correctly :slight_smile:

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