Simucube 2 Pro R2 - Winding and rattling noise coming from base

There is a winding noise and feeling when turning the wheel back and slightly before corners.

The rattling noise I’ve read is normal, but haven’t heard anything about the winding. Certainly dont want the DD to feel like it has a belt dragging it backwards.

Any ideas? or should I get it repaired or refunded etc…

There shouldn’t be anything that would be able to be felt at the motor shaft, but without a video or something to quantify this, we can’t comment more.

Hi Jordan

Does the motor shaft rotate smoothly when the power is turned off?

Kind regards,

Yes, when the power is turned off, the motor shaft rotates with no resistance or winding at all.

Hi I have the exact same issue. It is just not a noise but some sort of friction/resistance, if the wheel is turner a bit fast. No such issue when the base is off.

I do not know what to expect but I did not feel the same from a CSL DD Pro