Simucube 2 pro r2 sound problem

I switched from sc1 to sc2 pro but servo motor makes noise

When I turn it right and left while going straight, different from my old servo, there is an additional sound as if it were not lubricated metal rubbing.

but when the device is on, that is when there is power, it makes this sound, when there is no power, there is no such feeling in the servo.

I’m not talking about the clicking sound when forcefeedback is coming.
lean metal noise when turning the power steering while giving more forcefeedback

I’m going to record it with a condensate microphone and post it here.

everytime i turn the steering wheel in the corners i get alien sound or dj

fix link;

That sounds seems completely normal to me.

I think the sound can be slightly louder or quieter depending on the game and settings. But the sound in the recording is more or less how my servo sounds like. Although I don’t normally hear it while having the headset on.

I increase the friction this sound gets louder is this normal?

Actually i am getting similar sounds with @sambabaa with the 2011.11+hotfix. With the 2021.7 Classic i wasn’t getting these frequencies (there was still white noise but not that). It creeped me out a bit in the beginning. Perhaps it has to do with the new FW but if Mika says its normal then i guess its fine.

Is it just a sound or can you feel it in the wheel?

Just sound, a slightly different sound that from what i ve been used to.

yes, but it sounds weird, whatever it is

Bonjour je rencontré le même problème es quebvous avez réglé celui ci ?