Simucube 2 Pro R2 - Power button behavior

Hello everyone,

I recently received a SC2 Pro R2, however I am not sure if the power button is working as expected.
Basically, the unit works no problem, however the power button on the back does absolutely nothing.
I can put it in the on position or in the off position, the servo keeps working no matter what and the light inside the power connector stays on. It also doesn’t matter whether the e-stop (base model) is plugged in or not or if it is pressed or released.

The only way to turn that power led off is to turn off the PSU or take the power off the USB connector.

What is the expected behavior? Am I missing something or did the power button fail open?

Thank you!

On R1, the power button completely turns off the SC2. It sounds like your power button is completely non-functional.

This sounds strange. Does the device turn off if USB cable is removed?

Hello Mika,

The USB is plugged into a powered USB hub. If I turn off the hub’s power the Simucube turns off. Same thing if I unplug the cable.
I have also tried bypassing the hub and plugging directly into the PC, but behavior is the same, it only turns off if I unplug the USB.

Also, if I unplug or power off the USB it turns off whether the power switch is in the on or off position, doesn’t seem to matter.

Thank you,

edit: I have played with the unit some more today and tried again, but the issue persists. I would really like to avoid sending it back for such a silly problem, is it something I can fix myself? Maybe just some funky wiring of the power button? Truly an odd problem…

We are investigating this. A first issue of this type for sure.

If it is useful I can shoot a simple video of the issue showing what I described.
By the way, the button has a proper tactile feeling and clicks when pressed and seems to mechanically work correctly from the outside.

edit: video of the issue

Interesting that new power button looks almost identical to the Fanatec Podium power button… in their first batch of units they had exactly the same issue that required a RMA.

EDIT - After watching your video I take that back… the SC button is clearly a proper switch, you can hear it toggle on your video clearly. the podium is like a momentary button with built in LED light.

The videos we have on Youtube, were filmed last year with the R1 units. The revised R2 unit has a on/off toggle switch.

I didn’t know about this. I checked the thread over on fanatec’s forum and even though the switch is different the problem is kinda similar. I have even inadvertently almost used the same thread title.

yea I agree… that’s why I immediately thought of it also. Its certainly a different switch on the R2 though, but similar sort of design. You can hear the R2 switch actually click in and out. on the podium it doesn’t work like that.

Fanatec didn’t fully explain the exact cause though… just a vague comment about something they did ironically to supposed to make it more reliable/safer that backfired. and instead just RMA’d all the bases.

But it was almost a full batch issue with Fanatec. yours is the only one ive seen on the R2 so no doubt something isolated.

Hello Mika, is there news or any troubleshooting steps you want me to take?

Thank you,

No, not at the moment. We are investigating possible causes. It is likely to do with the switch itself.