Simucube 2 PRO power supply max consumption

Hello everyone,

I’ve been browsing around the net for this but haven’t been able to find much.

Does anybody know the actual power consumption of the SC2 Pro?

It comes with two blocks that can go up to: 240VAC and 4.5A. Since my outlet is 230VAC in The Netherlands, that would mean that the combination of both power blocks can go up to 2070W. Would this ever happen in practice, even at max torque?

I’m asking because I’m trying to determine if I can safely use the only power strip I have available to connect the SC2 to, keeping in mind that it already has connected: 3 monitors with combined wattage of 84W, and a desktop with a power supply of 750W.

I appreciate any inputs on this.

Thanks in advance.

The Meanwell units are 280 W units, and the new PSU for Simucube 2 Pro is a single 450 W unit.

The Meanwell PSU output is 48 V DC, and 5.84 A * 48 V = 280.32 W.

Hi Mika,

Thanks for the quick response!

So in essence, at most I’ll have 560W since I have the older version, and that should be fine to handle.

I can see the spec def says otherwise, but the power sup I have in hand says 100-240VAC @ 4,5A, as you can see below:

Perhaps I’m missing something here?

Thank you!

@mikecastro: You can regard that “4.5 A” as a real generous number. :wink:
As there’s no separate numbers for 110 and 230 V, you can savely take the half of it.

If we’ve got just 80 % efficiency (which is a very low guess) with an ouput of 280 W, we’ve got an input power of 350 Watts, making for about 1,5 Amperes per power supply if run with 230 V AC. Thats 3 Amperes for both power supplies concurrently.
In fact the amperage will be even lower because efficiency will be better than 80 %.
And the amperage will drop even further because your Simucube won’t use the full 560 Watts both power supplys can deliver, the consumption won’t exceed 450 Watts.
So it’s far below 3 A maximum if both power supplies are working, keeping your circuit breakers safe and your soul at rest. :wink:


Thanks @Joern, this helps a lots! Then I can connect things without worry :slight_smile:

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