Simucube 2 Pro or Ultimate

Going to upgrade from Fanatec GT DD Pro 8Nm. Because I feel the torque is way to weak on the DD Pro.

Anyway, I have a budget that can afford either a Simucube 2 Pro with Heusinkveld Ultimate+ pedals, OR only a Simucube 2 Ultimate and keep my Fanatec CSL pedals with the load cell kit for now. And of course upgrade the pedals in a years time instead.

What would you do?? :thinking::thinking:

Pedals are often overlooked or neglected. I would say that they are as much as important as the wheelbase. Or even more - on my upgrade history I have noticed that my lap times get more noticeable improvement with pedals upgrade than with wheelbase upgrade.
If I were you, I would probably go for the sc2 pro+pedals instead of sc2 ultimate. The pro have plenty of torque and responsivness, and I am not sure why sc2 ultimate even exists :slight_smile:


I think that answers my question :blush: Hehe thanks so much! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Pedals and Pro. Because pedal quality and load cell range is more important than the difference from Ultimate to Pro. With the Pro you have the best from Simucube (the Ultimate is, to picture it, a monster while the Pro a predator) and with Heusinkveld one of the best pedal sets on the market. Would be kind of a joke to buy an Ultimate and pairing it with Fanatec stuff

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Iā€™m with the other guys.

Upgraded pedals matched with a SC2 Pro is the way to go.

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The Pro has plenty of torque. The Pro with the HE pedals is a very nice upgrade

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Iā€™d even get the Sport.