Simucube 2 Pro Notch/Bump when turning left

Hi there,

I have a Simcube 2 Pro and for some reason when I turn the wheel about 45 degrees to the left there’s a bump in the rotation. Turning right for the most part is fine but only when I turn left do I get this issue in game.

When I’m out of the game and start rotating the shaft, it becomes very notchy when turning it somewhat quickly.

Would anyone be able to help me troubleshoot this issue?

At first I thought it was EMI but I’ve tested this on 2 rigs with the power supply and cables separate from one another.

Video of issue in game

Try to follow this guide (page 7) to adjust clearance between motor front plate and SQR clamp, it might be rubbing against it.
Also can check tightness of all bolts while there.

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Just tried this recommendation, didn’t solve the issue.

Seems like it’s the motor itself or perhaps software.

Time to submit support request ticket, I guess, could be ball bearings.