Simucube 2 Pro not detected in Richard Burns (RBR)

whatever I try, I’m not able to get my SC2 Pro working with RBR ( - I already reduced range to 540°, but even when rotating to bump stop and then as fast as possible to the other direction isn’T working, although this seemed to work for severall people in the past.

I was thinking that it may help when I reduce the ‘USB speed’ , but it seems that this option has been removed in Tru Drive.

Any ideas how I can get it working?

Merry Xmas and regards


There was never any USB speed adjustment available. There used to be some USB suspend/resume settings, but lately they didn’t do anything and we removed the UI also.

What other game controllers do you have?

Did I mix up stuff and the USB speed feature was used in Simucube 1 for the FFB effects?

Nevertheless, I got working at the point as soon as FFB was disabled by True Drive due to inactivitay, as I was able to turn the wheel at full speed for more than one turn at that point!
Did it help? Not really, as it turned out, that I could only shift to 1st gear whatever I did - up/down shift buttons work, but only for gears R/N/1 - not sure if this is an issue of the mod, but I gave up for now.

Looks like mod doesnt work with SC2 wheels, here is another user with the same problem:

For me it always worked, RBR.Hu, RBR.CZ and RBRPro on different partitions. But I have 2020.10

It is unlikely to be a firmware issue. Games are seeing exactly the same game controller interface via Directinput API in all versions.

RBRpro & SC2 causes sttutering on my system, never know why

For me it works great in RBRPro too. I am attaching the graphics settings I use (I have an RTX 2080 with 144 FPS in FHD)

My stuttering problems on RBRpro are related to ffb update rate cycles… It runs smooth as any other mod If I disable ffb ingame

I don’t understand, we have the same wheel, it works for me and you don’t, I don’t understand

My SC2 Pro works flawlessly with RBR, but there are some times users need to lower their degrees of rotation to minimum possible for binding the controls. So try to set degrees to 360 and try to rotate the wheel quickly while binding then. Also important note there might be problems saving controls (they will reset every time you launch game or alt-tab) if you try to do it while on stage. It’s recommended that you change settings in the main menu of RBR.

Meanwhile I figured out that the issue with only having gears R/N/1 is based on the incompatibilty of the new physics and the the rally school …
Need to play with FFB settings now, and I think all the hints I got in this thread will help.



Hi all,
I have a Simucube 2 Wheelbase SPORT and never had any issues with RBR. I use Rallysimfans and it worked out of the box.

Do you know if it is possible to use sequential shifter together with a push pull device? Are there any limitations towards controllers, especially only one shifting device? Thanks for your help!

Your best approach is map Shifter inputs to keyboard inputs and download RSMapper.exe to create a profile, it is like Joy2Key but easy to setup and straight forward config.

It is what I use when old games only detects 1 or 2 USB devices (Wheel and pedals) tyhen all other fuctions goes to keyboard inputs and RSMapper to use those keys in any game controller

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Tanks for your help and input. I was informed that WRC games (at least 9) doesn’t support 2 shifting devices at the same time regardless the way you try to set it up. I made it once to work though but whenever I changed from shifter to push pull there were 2 inputs needed to get it working and vice versa. Dirt 2.0 does support it natively. I just changed my power supply to 1000 watts and a Aorus Master RTX 3070ti (card is a gift from a close friend which updated!). Everything is working smooth. Asap I run RBR for the first time I’ll try what you recommend if it’s not implemented from simulation. Thanks a lot!

Now unfortunatelly i see the issue with SC and RBR.
If the issue remains i’ll to inform NEVER had any problem with my SC Pro and RBR at any version of RBR (RBR CZ, RBR HU and Rallysimfans, and also at RBR pro).
Also never had any issue to use multiple usb’s devices and several controlers at RBR.

Tip 1: How detect SC at RBR: Simple keep the rotation of the wheel as low as you can. Lets say 240 or lowest. After the detecing setup your wheel with your flavor of rotation you like. Im using 540 for Rally 1 and Rally 2 cars, 620-720 for R4 and N4 cars and 900 for the old Escorts MK1-MK2
Tip 2: How can use and manage my usb devices: After the detecting for each one of your usb devices, MUST be make READ ONLY the files pfMULLIGATAWNY.acm and pfMULLIGATAWNY.rbr.
That 2 files you can find at the follow path: disc of installation/Richard Burns Rally/savedGames
Im using the following usb devices SC Pro–. direct to my pc, HE sprints --> direct to my pc, FREX H shifter–> via usb hub, SRS sequential shifter–> via usb hub, HE handbrake–> via usb hub, Sparco 330 wheel with button box–> via usb hub, 1 DDU dash and 1 GI Max (gear indicator)
Exactly the same number of devices devices who i use at all sims

If somebody needs any specific help can try here

I wanted to comment since I too had issues with SC2 Pro and HE pedals. I see that the wheel and pedals are both on x axis. I went to controllers in windows, click advanced. You will see the message box, “select the device you want to use for older programs.” Select your SC2 wheel and then okay. That allowed the wheel to be on X axis while the pedal was on the X rotation. Hope this helps anyone else who was having issues.

Note: I don’t think it makes a difference but I am also using devreorder to keep my devices in the order I want the game to recognize them.

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After reading your post I realised that devreorder maybe can sort out my problem in WRC10. Thanks a lot for mentioning that!!! Every day brings new knowledge, new ideas! I learned so much in this community, what we disagree is nothing compared to what we share. Again, thanks a lot!

@CLAYREGAZZONI No problem at all! I am just trying to give back some since so many have been helping me as well. I agree the wealth of knowledge and help here is what makes the already awesome product even more remarkable! Hope the Devreorder fixes the WRC10 issue!