Simucube 2 Pro making awful grinding noises and moving uncontrollably

Hi guys, I’ve just fired up my sim racing setup and my Simucube 2 Pro is making terrible grinding/rattling noises and is moving around uncontrollably.

Any ideas? I’ve tried upgrading the firmware and resetting but no joy. Is it toast? What on earth could have caused this to happen?

Is this with no game running on the PC?

Does this happens if you create a new profile?

Does it start immediately or only after the startup beep tone?

Thanks for replying Mika!

Yes, both with no game running and if I start up a game (like ACC).

It happened when no profile was loaded as well as when I select any other profile. I just tried creating a new profile and it’s doing the same thing.

It starts the second the startup tone is heard. When it’s off, the wheel movement is smooth and easy. A few seconds before the tone is heard, there is an increase in torque/resistance on the wheel but it’s still super smooth. It’s only when the tone is heard that the grinding/rattling starts…

Any further thoughts/ideas @Mika?


Did you read the PM I sent you?

Oh, darn, I didn’t spot that, looked now! :slightly_smiling_face:

What was the solution to this problem?

Looks like I have similiar issues.