Simucube 2 pro losing ffb strength?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if it’s possible for the simucube 2 pro to be losing ffb strength? Or am I just getting stronger by using it LOL. Just started to feel like the ffb is getting weaker as the days go on.


Any specific game or all games?

iracing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Which wheel did you come from? It must be that you are getting stronger…


from t300rs… is it at all possible the wheel could be putting out less ffb?

Post your iRacing and true drive settings (screenshots) . Will advise you then. True drive settings Iracing clip of shaking wheel

Try the following in True Drive:
Damping 25
Friction 20
Inertia 25

Low Latency 10

Then, set iRacing 60nm down to 35-40nm.

See how that feels.


Thanks! What about the rest of the settings? I’m not sure if i’ve got them on a “good” setting haha

The rest is ok for the moment for iRacing. Let’s first see if my settings will address your concern about to low torque.

I suspect you have it just set to light in iRacing for your personal preference (slider on 60nm), so my suggestion to go down to the 35-40nm level will address that. To counter oscillatory behaviour, my suggestions on the other filters will address that :wink:

Apologies for my poor Grammar, I am jet-lagged like a crazy man here in Mumbai, haha…

But let me know how the settings work for you, I am interested to hear if it is now strong enough for you.

Oscillatory behaviour is now gone with those settings :slight_smile: I was more concerned about the motor losing force as it warms up. 35 nm on iracing nearly flips my out of my chair hahaha.


Good, so SC2 Pro is fine.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to play with the settings…just save your profiles and revert if you cock it up :wink:


This is my first post, but I have sc2 pro for a long time :wink:
I had a break from simracing but I only play ir. Now I dusted the steering wheels and installed a new True Drive and noticed that I was driving at almost max power once it was unimaginable. Is it possible that something has gone wrong in my steering wheel?

I am using Ascher TD 25nm ir max force 35nm wheel force 25nm