Simucube 2 pro just died

I’ve just had something crazy. My Simucube 2 pro (few months old) doesn’t work anymore. The green led light on the power supply is on, but when push the power button on the simucube base, nothing happens. Also no blue/red flashing LEDs at the power in connector don’t turn on. I’ve had everything disconnected and re-plugged, but it seems to be completely dead. When I last used it yesterday it was still working fine. Anyone got any tips?

EDIT: Sorry for the inconvenience, i just noticed my beloved wife unplugged the usb from my pc :frowning:


Re-plug. Or replace wife. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Maybe unplug and replug both would have helped aswell. On top, you could start from scratch. Add the necessary updates and there we go