Simucube 2 Pro is not recognised in Forza Horizon 4

Hi guys,

I have connected the Simucube 2 Pro with the OMP steering wheel and calibrated the pedals and handbreak. When I open the Forza Horizon 4, it doesn’t pick the Simucube 2 Pro.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Not officially supported. You might be able to make it work with EmuWheel, but from what I’ve heard Steam version (if that’s what you are using) doesn’t work even with that.

Thanks for your response.

I did purchase the game from Microsoft store, not steam…is there any link to try the EmuWheel?

Just go to discord channel from here, invite is under Support

Do games need to specifically support simucube? or is there some generic directinput wheel device the simucube shows up as for most legacy games?

No simucube will work with any game that uses direct input. Forza uses something else, I think

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Forza could be using XInput, or Windows.Gaming.Input (UWP). XInput is a newer API, but DirectInput still works, and I’m not aware of any plans to deprecate it. (If there were, both hardware vendors and game developers would need a pretty big heads-up to work through it.) The UWP APIs are even newer, but would be available on any version of Windows that Forza could run on.

XInput is heavily tied to the Xbox 360 controller, so the key limitation is that it only supports the same inputs (16-bit stick axes, 8-bit trigger axes, and 14 buttons):

The steering axis is probably good enough (iRacing, for instance, uses 0 to 65535, which would correspond to -32767 to 32767), but by default, the pedals are mapped to the trigger axes (see XINPUT_DEVSUBTYPE_WHEEL,, so the resolution is too limited for decent pedals. And 14 buttons? My wheel has 36 buttons (counting encoders as 2 buttons each) and two more analog axes of its own.

The UWP API seems more flexible (, but it still only supports 22 buttons (6 of which are the D-pad and paddles). I’m not a UWP developer, so I’m not sure if this is a Windows Store certification requirement, or if developers have the option to use XInput or DirectInput. I’m also not sure if Forza uses the UWP input API.

Another limitation is that your pedals, handbrake, shifter, wheel base, and wheel buttons are often separate devices on PC, but both of the above APIs combine them into a single structure or class. So, you either need some sort of virtual device in between, or the game needs to support multiple devices for a single player (essentially, your pedals would report themselves as a “RacingWheel” that always has the wheel angle set to zero, while your wheel base would report itself as another “RacingWheel” that always has its throttle and brake set to zero).

I’d love to see an Forza-compatible driver for the Simucube, but that alone may not be enough to make Forza playable. It’d require cooperation from your other device vendors as well.