Simucube 2 Pro Grinding noise and feeling

Hey, I jumped on my sim rig today and my simucube started doing this awful grinding sound, it’s like some kinda little steps that i can also feel…
It used to happen (very little compre to this) when i was getting my settings dialed in, after i got them done it dissapeard with some cars but it’s still there with some of them which causes me to not drive them because of that.
I downloaded couple of more car mods today and it happens with most of them
Any suggestions to how can i fix it?
It’s happening on Assetto corsa
I’m trying to upload some videos so you can have better idea what i mean but i have to convert still the format.

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Cant convert my pics and video from iphone to correct formar to be able to share it here… if somebody can help? Thanks in advance

Figured out with the pics of the settings, here’s a link to a video on youtube showing how it is during driving and the last part with the mic on the shaft so it’s clearly audible

You have reconstruction at 1. That will always give a grainy output.
Test value 3-5 and see what you like the most. 5 won’t feel grainy at all.

Hey, thanks for the response i was doing some testing this weekend and looked like CM Gyro was doing creating that sound and feeling, I deactivated it and it dissapeared mostly but im wondering why didint see anybody complain about it as i think more people used @Andrew_WOT settings, those are actually his with little modification, would try your suggestion with the original settings, thanks

CM or ‘corrected’ gyro can be quite temperamental as it has no dynamic damping like OEM one.
Some FW versions were noisy too, 2021.9 should be fine.
And try recon 3 as suggested, individual units and mounting can affect the vibration level.

Thanks for the response, would try to do that as soon as i get home, did you make any changes in your settings since the last topic i mentioned? Or you’re happy with them like that? They feel very good actually

Link to the settings and some general recommendations on tuning to personal liking here

Thanks to both of you for the response @broodro0ster @Andrew_WOT
I just finished my driving right now and everything works perfect with the Gyro ON, even better as this situation made me do my research to understand at least a bit more about the different filters and add something more to the settings for my liking
Like @Andrew_WOT set… it’s not just about copying somebody’s settings

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