SimuCube 2 Pro, Game Compatibility?


New to this forum, just joined today. I currently have a V2.5 wheel base. It has served me well and have no complaints. Looking to get into a direct drive wheel for a little more fidelity. Based on what I have read and the reviews their is not a ton of choices out there. However it seems like Granite Devices makes a top tier unit, but I concerned with the game compatibility. I have looked through all of the literature on the site and cannot find a simple list of the games that are supported, Seems like this would be readily available as it is relevant information for people wanting to confirm that their favorite titles are supported ?

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Thank you

It is difficult to keep track of which games are supported, as many obsolete/unmaintained games are not developed anymore, it is impossible for us to get a automatic detection of Simucube 2 products working for those. But in general, all currently developed simulator titles work. Notable exception (or so I’ve heard) is some FFB related issues with City Car Driving and also Forza Motorsport titles.

Forza does not support generic DirectInput devices, that’s the problem, it needs specialized driver or EmuWheel hack, would be nice of course if native support was added in the future.

Technically any title supporting Microsoft DirectInput API for force feedback should be automatically supported.

I am sure Motorsports is not a top SIM title, but is that something the Granite Devices team are working on ? or simply no interest in making it work with that title despite the new release Motorsports 8 looming at the end of the year ?

No official comment yet for the XInput titles. For now, only DirectInput titles are supported.

Hey, sorry if this is like a year down the line, but this is the only thread I could find about XInput. I saw that in one of the other posts someone mentioned that if Microsoft stops supporting DirectInput all current FF wheels may be deprecated.

As a dev, do you think, it is possible for the hardware to be adapted with software updates down the line to support XInput or would there need to be additional hardware for this? Like a chip or something. Obviously im not talking about SC but in general?

In general, XInput is a more capable protocol, but it is a bit different to DirectInput, both in good ways and bad. Its all software, however, and support could be added by firmware update.

Same can’t be said about console support. Both the main consoles need a security chip inside the device. It is unclear whether that could be added via a separate dongle - technically it could be done, but whether or not the device would then be approved by the console corporations - likely not.

Thanks for the super quick reply. Yeah i mean Drivehub is a thing external devices most likely possible but like you said you guys couldn’t probably sell it.

I only play on PC and its a bit of a relief that it is just software. I wouldn’t expect a product to work on console if it wasn’t originally advertised or promised at the time I buy it. If you guys somehow do it, I would just consider it as a bonus.

Anyways, any updates on support for titiles like Forza 1 year down the line? Not really important but just curious.

It may not be popular on here but I like the Forza games and was disappointed to learn I could not play them on my SC2. I will look into EmuWheel for now, but just wanted to add that I think GD should look to add support in the future. I’m not sure many people want to say it on here, but Forza and GT sale a lot more copies then anything else. While they both have their flaws, a lot of people still enjoy them for various reasons.


Those games might sell a lot of copies but are the played by people with high end wheel bases like DD’s? I personally doubt that. Sure there will be some but most will be main stream gamers with either a controller or a cheaper wheelbase.

The game developers need to add the support. We have tried every way to contact the developers for Forza games. So far, the response has been “We are aware of this, and our developers know about it. Thank you for contacting.”.

I think this will be a non issue in the coming years. DDs have only been gaining mainstream adoption in the past couple of years. It wasn’t so plug and play as we have with Simucubes and Fanatecs. Im almost certain the next Forzas will have support.

Yes, high end sim racers play Forza too. Specifically, when our less hardcore friends want to race with us, it’s a lot easier to meet them in the game they already have instead of trying to get them to join iRacing.

I’d like to have XInput in case more sims starts to support it, but until then, I get why Granite might not prioritize it.

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to use Simucube with unsupported games is there a third software to manipulate the game input? I really want to try Snowrunner -_-

GIMX is your gadget, It works better than emuwheel


Thanks for the reply. I just ordered one, I think it is a must to have the gadget to enjoy the steering wheel more.

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Good choice!

I have It connected 24/7 to my main PC for easy of use, I just need to open GIMX app, load profile and voila! There is a G27 ready to run whatever you want.

But be aware that GIMX will need 2 free USB ports, one for the GIMX device itself and another one to connect the Fake-G27.
Another point to note about plugin It directly where your SC2 is (main PC) is that 2 Ffb wheels connected can cause some problems in not so optimyzed games.
Just a recent example: i am trying to solve the issues related to SC2 & CityCarDriving, so GIMX can be the sollution but when both wheels connected (SC2 & FAKEG27) the Game choose SC2 to be the primary FFB device with no avail… Looks like a Windows USB ID# problem but can be solved using GIMX in a dedicated PC/laptop

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