Simucube 2 Pro freezing ruin whole race again..again

5900X, X570 Asus AORUS Elite Board

Simucube 2 Pro with 1 Power supply

When I connect the simucube 2 to usb 2.0 port with other input device, it freezing every hour…

So I connect the simucube 2 to usb 3.0 port alone, then the situation get better.

But, after 7~8 official race, it happened again and ruin whole my race.

I can not find any solution about this…

I don’t think this is any fault of your SC2

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I had this same problem when using a “Fanatreco” DD2, the problem was in the power of the usb ports, problem solved by Asus with new BIOS, I have an X570 E-Gaming Rog Strix, 5950X.
Today I have a Simucube Ultimate and everything works perfectly. Simucube is life!!!


I would advise to have at least F34 bios for your motherboard. If you are not familiar with the procedure , consult a professional