Simucube 2 Pro - firmware update to 1.3.71 weird noise and slamming wheel

Hello guys,

I am stuck hopefully someone can help me.
i updated my SC2 pro this weekend to 1.3.71 but since then AC and ACC are not playable. With iracing no problems.

Can anyone help me with this please ?

I always use high torque mode.

The new problems after update are :

I use the RSS f1 cars asseto by freakerman 21 profile, the SC2 settings are:
Overall strength = 100
Steering range 900
Bump stop feel medium
Bumpstop offset 0

COF filters
Reconstruction filter 1 smoothness
Torque bandwith lowpass filter = unlimited
Damping 5%
Friction 2%
Inertia 5%
Static force reduction 12%
Slew rate 0.23 Nm/ms

Centering force 10%
Ultra low latency mode 7%
Center frequency 1 hz
Attenuation: -25.5 db
Q-factor 0.1

Direct input effects fine tuning
Damping 0%
Friction 0%
Spring 6%
Sine wave 100%
Square wave 100%
Sawtooth wave 100%
Triange wave 100%
Combine seq shifter with wireless wheel is OFF

Gain 80%
Filter 0%

Kerb effects 25%
Road effect 25%
Slip effect 14%
ABS Effect 30%

Enhanced understeer OFF
Softlock OFF

Center boog gain: 100%
Center boog range : 0%
ENABLE FFB post processing ON
Mode: gamma

Lower speeds FFB reduction
Low speed treshold 3km/h
Low speed FFB strength 1%

Unlock experimental OFF
Damper gain 100%
minimum damper lvel 10%

I use these cars a lot, almost always.

In game:

80 overall will cause clipping, reduce to 45 to start with
If you like these, then:
Kerbs off ( canned effect)
road 15 to 25
Slide 10 to 25
ABS I don’t know. I use factory settings, so no traction/ABS allowed
turn off all damping
Turn off postprocessing
Turn off low speed FFB, use ""FFB disabled while loading instead (don’t know the exact words at the moment, but it’s close I think)
Leave csp FFB tweaks at default. I use the real brake forces, but this is not FFB related.

Steering assist, which is power steering, 100.
Per car multiplier between 12 to 20.

Overall recommendation:

Each of the RSS cars has its information on degrees of wheel rotation. I use Fe 500 in TD, in Content Manager and in view settings (if I drive with virtual steering wheel on). So you really have 1 to 1 correspondence. If a car has Fe 504 I use bumpstop for this, and in-game I recalculate it because the settings are in steps of 20 degrees.

Overall force from 60 to 70
Recon 1
Damping 0 to 3
Friction 1 to 4
Inertia off, unless you have a very light steering wheel
Static force reduction I use pretty high
Slew rate unlimited
Ultra low latency off with these settings
Center spring off, not needed for AC
Peaking and notch disabled, no one except @Purple_Red , the Granite team and maybe an unknown genius didn’t stepped forward yet knows how it really works

DI effects
Damping and friction 0
Rest at 100 (default)

RSS hybrids copy F1 car conditions, which have around 7 to 9Nm steering torque. Best is to try to stay close to this.
We are lured into the idea “there is a setting to change, so we MUST change it”. Why adding inertia when your steering wheel is not only 500 (example) Gramms?
Why cutting slew rate to almost 0 if you can reduce overall force in the game, and in TD?
Aris recommends to use 40 to 50 overall gain when you have a DD. 80…100 is maybe for a Logitech G29.

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