Simucube 2 Pro Error Undervoltage 140405

since today i am having major issues with my Simucube 2 Pro.
In every Sim like AC, ACC, Rfactor2 and Automobilista 2 after a couple of seconds driving i get an Error 140405 Undervoltage and the FFB is completly gone, steering still works.
I have the newer version of the Pro with only one power supply.

I already unplugged the power supply for a couple of hours, switched to a different wall outlet but the error persist.

Bought the Simucube 2 Pro not even a month ago from Virtual Racing Store.

Not very happy that a product of this price range fails after not even a month in use, also its my personal christmas gift and now christmas is at the doorstep and i can use my favorite wheelbase.

From doing research i suspect a faulty power supply

Please write us a support ticket. It is well possible that we can get you a replacement shipped before the Santa Claus visits.

Hi Mika, since i am completly new to this, how do i write a support ticket ? :slight_smile:
Strange thing is when is turn the FFB in the True Drive Paddock Software to 100% everything is just working fine. Seems like the power supply has only problems with lower voltages

also reachable via either via navigating to support, or via the “help bot” on the page.

@Gixxer-66 did you ever get a resolution to this? I’m having power issues also. I simply no longer get power to my base.