Simucube 2 Pro Error Message - New Unit Rev. 2

I am requesting assistance with a newly-installed Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase. I believe that I have received a faulty unit. I will list the reasons below. Please note, I installed the unit in strict accordance with recommendations by Simucube, as outlined in the multiple-part installation video series. The unit is firmly mounted to the newly-purchased TR160 and does not experience any flex or movement. The unit updated firmware using the most recent 2021.12 True Drive file found on the Simucube website. The firmware updated without any difficulties. I was operating the unit on a test profile using 12.5Nm maximum torque as I am transitioning from a Fanatec CSW v2.5. The unit does not show a default (safe) profile even if I delete all offline profiles, so I had to configure a profile myself.

The current malfunctions I am experiencing with the Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase:

  1. Upon initial use, the unit dropped force feedback within the first lap of a race on Assetto Corsa Competizione. When I exited to the Windows dashboard and opened True Drive, I received an error:

442001 Actual torque exceeded target torque indicating that torque controller might have became unstable.

After reading some forum posts, I adjusted the torque from 1000hz to Unlimited. I changed the torque settings to 25Nm, however reduced the in-game gain to 35% in ACC.

I have the Professional E-Stop installed and it works as designated (off/on). I also received two (2) error messages indicating “Over Current” error 442001, subsequently. I had the wheelbase plugged into an APC UPS 1500VA Sine Wave UPS Battery Backup BR1500MS2; it was the only device plugged into the UPS, as the remainder of my components are plugged into another UPS. I changed out the wheelbase to be plugged into the UPS running all my other components and the error has not appeared again. That is strange that having a dedicated power supply/UPS prompts an error, but pulling current from a unit running several other devices does not.

  1. The unit will lose wheel center within 1 lap of a standard race in ACC, as evidenced by the wheel center moving left (negative value) ~10-25 degrees. The unit does not recover wheel center unless I exit out ACC and re-center with True Drive. However, the problem emerges consistently when I attempt a race. The unit has lost center every time I attempted a race.

I have ~1 hour of use on the wheelbase, as I have experienced technical difficulties since the onset of operating the unit. Please note, the wheelbase is connected to an Ascher Racing B16L-SC with 100% signal strength.

Please advise.


Just a note, that the benefit of using UPS is quite non-existant. Also, some UPS systems also break “good” grounding, which can cause issues.

However, all the issues you describe are indicative of the encoder being loose.

Please make a support ticket via the system at website.

Good morning. Thank you for your expedient reply Mika. I have been so excited to install the SC2 Pro, and was left disappointed by the initial experience. I am hopeful that a resolution can be found quickly. I have reached out to my US-licensed reseller (Trak Racer) requesting an RMA. Honestly, I would just prefer that Trak Racer replace the SC2 Pro. I have used it ~1 hour. I am awaiting a reply from Trak Racer but will forward your reply onto Trak Racer. Thank you again for your prompt reply. Regards.

Bonjour monsieur, j’ai un problème avec ce message d’erreur 442 001 . Hier tout allait pour le mieux et la dès que je l’allume le code apparaît directement. Je ne sais plus quoi faire