Simucube 2 Pro - EMI problem?

Hi, hoping to get some feedback on a problem I’ve experienced. I bought the SC2 Pro a few weeks ago and everything has been working fine up until the last day or two.

For example, during a race last night on iRacing, the shifters stopped working and then I realised none of the controls on my wheel were working. iRacing was still going and FFB was still coming through the wheel. About 1 min after the problems started, my Oculus Rift S headset glitched and went black, iRacing crashed and the SC2 went to full right lock and stayed there with some force. I restarted the PC, power cycled the SC2 and rejoined the session, it worked fine for about 5 mins and then the same thing happened again.

So I’m wondering if the SC2 is causing EMI, messing with the PC and USB. The PC sits on the floor right next to the rig. The SC2 power supplies are connected to a power board. Tomo at Sim Racing Bay is confident there should not be any EMI issue but thought I’d ask here as well. I have occasionally experienced some small electric shocks touching the wheel base or even the steering wheel’s aluminium housing (Cube Controls Formula Sport USB).

Appreciate any thoughts on EMI or any other suggestions on what could have caused these problems.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you have grounding-problems on AC supply side. Do you have a metal racing frame? Make also sure that is grounded properly.

Hi Phillip, thanks for the quick response. I’m not an electrical guy, so can you please help me understand what this means and what I should do? When you say on AC supply side, do you mean in terms of my building’s infrastructure? What can I do here to fix it?

I do have a metal rig, the Next Level Racing GT Track. Do you have any advice on how to ground it? Sorry, just not very knowledgeable on these things.

Thank you

Phillip, I just had a thought. The SC2 Pro I received from Sim Racing Bay came with 2 prong European plugs. I’m in Singapore, where we use UK plugs. The SC2 Pro power supplies are currently plugged into a Singapore/UK plug power board, which I bought recently and was advertised as accepting 2 pin plugs directly. However, since the earthing contacts on the 2 prong European plugs are on the base of the plug itself rather than as a 3rd prong, does this mean that the plugs are not currently being grounded, and this could be the source of the problem? I’ve attached a photo of the current situation.

If this is the problem, I will have to find UK power supply cables somewhere and can you tell me please the specs of the cables I should look for?

That looks ungrounded.

On Amazon, searching for “UK computer power cord” finds options that look relevant.

Hi mate,
yes, this connection doesnt provide you ground over 3rd pin…

UK power cables should be added already to your package, located at the top, near motor mount.
Please doublecheck and in case i missed it while packaging, let me know. Will be send tomorrow immedietly :slight_smile:

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Hey Tomo! Thanks for confirming, it only occurred to me now as I didn’t think through the issue of grounding, only that the plug needed to fit to receive power.

Unfortunately the additional cables that were included in the box are with Australian 3 pin plugs not UK. Would really appreciate if you would send me the UK versions. Do let me know if you need any info from me.

Thanks again!

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