Simucube 2 pro does not turn on

hello everyone, tonight I turned on my simucube 2 pro but it does not turn on, the lights of the transformers are blue but the lights of the simucube do not turn on

Simucube 2 also requires power from the USB to turn on. Can you check that your PC is on and the cables are connected?

Hi there,

I have the same problem.

Was driving in F1: steering response slow/laggy. Repeated device connection and disconnection.
Updated the TrueDrive.
Went for dinner and could not turn Simucube Pro 2 on subsequently.
Blue transformer light is on.
All cables checked to be intact. Checked and changed electrical sockets.
Changed verified working USB cable.
Checked and tried various USB ports.

Not sure what’s the fault. Please help! The device is still under warranty.