Simucube 2 Pro disconnects when hitting kerbs

So yesterday I had to remove my rig to clean behind it so I had to disconnect everything from my Simucube. When I put it all back together and went to practice every time I hit a kerb my Simucube would disconnect and I would crash into a wall because the wheel would go dead and instantly pull to the left.

I’ve changed the USB cable and moved them into other USB ports on the motherboard but still having the same issue. I think its the USB connection on the Simucube as I’ve held it in place and drove into a wall at high speed and it then doesn’t disconnect. However, when I repeat this and I’m not holding onto the connection it instantly disconnects again. The connection itself doesn’t feel loose and when I gently wiggle it about it doesn’t seem to disconnect.

Has anyone ever had an issue like this before? Or know of a way to fix it?



Have you checked the connections of the power cables, both on the wheel side and on the power brick side?

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I hadn’t and I have checked it now and it was loose. I must of knocked it when I pulled everything out.

Checked it in iracing and it’s back to normal! Thank you very very much, can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that.