Simucube 2 Pro damaged?

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I have just finished mounting my Simucube 2 Pro to my rig and of course, I skim through the quick-start guide and plug in everything right away. I unboxed the PSU and plugged it into my surge protector first and then the Simucube. As I plugged it into the Simucube, a spark came from the back when the connectors touched. I unplugged it and replugged it and another spark. This is when I noticed the Important notice on the quick start guide to plug it into the Simucube First and then the surge protector/wall outlet.

I just wanted to ask to see if I messed up anything on my Simucube? Could the 2 sparks have damaged any of the internals? My mind is racing right now wondering if I have accidentally damaged anything.

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I would get everything setup and try it. If it works you will be ok. Just don’t do it ANYMORE like the way you already have done. :wink:

The warning is given because as you saw you get get arcing ( sparks) if the power supply is already energized when you plug it into the servo base.

If the arcing is too bad you will not get electricity flowing thru that set of contacts.

You know yourself is maybe the 1 nogo one should do. On the other hand the product is rock solid. Like granite from Switzerland, so to say. With a little bit of luck there is no damage . Just make sure to plug it the right way this time. FIRST SIMUCUBE, then power from wall supply. Try, if it’s damaged you can’t make it worse following the right path. Good luck!!

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It is unlikely that any meaningful damage would be caused by just these two events. However long-term electrical arcing causes oxidation of the contact surfaces and ultimately poor electrical connection.

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