Simucube 2 Pro center "cogging" in AC


Yesterday got Simucube 2 Pro was very happy :slight_smile:. But now it’s hardest part.

Updated firmware drivers using 2020.7 version of True Drive software, high torque mode is disabled. Tried AC Used default presets, when car runs straight and wheel is centered I feel cogging inside the wheelbase (tiny oscillations side to side), but when I turn slightly it disappears, and works perfectly smooth. Also turning form one side to another feels not even weight distribution. I have similar situaltion on T300RS. What are you thinking about it?

Any cogging would already be able to be felt on desktop, if you enable the desktop centering spring and turn the wheel. If it is smooth, then it is not cogging in the sense of motor cogging, but something that the simulator produces.

Out of the game is smooth like a butter. But no force is applied out of the game.
I’ll try to play with game settings.
What is “centering spring” is it parameter on True Drive? I try to check it today.

Yes, desktop centering spring effect can be enabled in the True Drive settings. That will only be active whn there is no game running.

Thanks Mika, It was game settings, now it ok, I need fine tune more, but it is good base line. Ps. Desktop centering spring effect works very smooth.

Be careful turning the desktop center spring on full setting, I just quite iRacing with the wheel turned to lock and upon going back to desktop the wheel spun violently to center and tomahawked my kneed with the paddle shifter. I have since turned it off.

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[Kevin_Michael] Thanks for warning, terrible accident. I play without desktop center spring. Don’t need it at all, center spring works automatically in most titles I play.