Simucube 2 Pro becomes off centre

When driving in iracing, I’m noticing that I set the wheel up perfectly inside the menus, and it all lines up perfectly with the Simucube true drive, but after doing about half a lap, the wheel becomes about -2.00 degrees off centre. This is a recurring issue. All quick release bolts are tight and I have tried different wheel profiles.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Does the FFB remain smooth as it should? Does the off-center behavior remain if you power off and back on the wheel base while iRacing is running?


The FFB isn’t as smooth as it should be. There is a weird knocking sound when hitting the centre point when turning.

This is a telltale sign of something being loose in the QR parts or where your QR attaches to the wheel.


I had the same problem. After reading Mika’s post I checked my QR and, sure enough, all the bolts on the wheel side had come loose. All good now.

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I just had the same issue too, noticed a knocking sound and saw that my wheel QR bolts had come a little loose. Tightened them up and all good!