Simucube 2 pro and iRacing open wheel (pm 2000)

Back into iRacing after an enforced holiday and just can’t get the setup right. I can’t recall my settings in iRacing and in the TrueDrive software and just can’t get the wheel to feel right. Throw in getting older and wrists and arms are weak so need reduced force and the memory is going pretty quick

Anyway, the other query is … do you go 100% power in the true drive settings and use the settings in iRacing to reduce the strength of the wheel?

In Iracing, Wheel force needs to be on par with your motor. I’ve got a SC2 pro, so it needs to be set to 25.
In TD, it’s set to 100%.
Then, you can adapt (strenghten/lessen) the forces felt by moving the max force slider left or right. Softer to the left (higher numbers) and harder to the right… go figure!

I used to use the same setup for every car (100% TD, 25 and 50Nm in IR with the default IR TD setting) and it suited me just fine.
Then came the Paddock online features and I had to change the max force slider to get the same kind of FFB. Now it’s 25/35Nm with one of the Paddock setups (don’t remember which one, but it’s branded ‘good for every car’ or sumthin’ like that! And indeed it is!)…

And I’m not sure about ‘linear mode’ box ticked!

I have heard that this is not the best method for “clipping” from Brian S

I am no expert

I haven’t noticed or suffered from any clipping, mate. But to each his own. ^^